Self Portrait

Welcome to my web site - my home base virtual gallery!

Maggie Angus Berkowitz lives and works in the Lake District in the Northwest of England . She has studied worked and made ceramics in UK, Italy, USA, Africa and Japan but now lives and works in the place where she was born.

All her tiles and tile panels are original and unique paintings, often made for an individual client and for a specific site.

The panels are pictures painted with glazes and oxides, fired on unglazed tiles. They are not designs - each one is site specific and individual - but they may act as indicators for you if you are thinking of commissioning work.

Jacqueline du Pre

Sunlight and water add to these paintings. Some are suitable for external use, some for floors. Porcelain, Ironstone and Quarry tiles are suitable for external use and damp environments. Almost vandal proof when built in and, more importantly, a source of increasing pleasure to their viewers.

The tiles can be used on walls, floors or just as pieces of art in a simple frame. They can add individuality and unique decoration to any bathroom, kitchen, game rooms, outside floor or swimming pool.


The portfolio is divided into three sections:

Maggie is a Fellow of the CPA (Craft Potters' Association), and active in art groups in the Northwest of England and abroad.

You are very welcome to visit the studio when you come to England, but please telephone first to make an appointment.